Livery in seisin

The action of giving or transferring land or property, i.e. the *feoffment, done in a public manner, usually on the land itself.

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • livery of seisin — liv·ery of seisin / li və rē / [livery delivery, handing over, from Anglo French liveree, from Old French livré, from livrer to hand over, from Latin liberare to free]: an ancient ceremony for conveyance of land by the symbolic transfer of a… …   Law dictionary

  • Livery of seisin — is an archaic legal ceremony, once practiced in England and in other countries following English common law, to convey property. The common law in those jurisdictions once provided that a valid conveyance of a fee interest in land required the… …   Wikipedia

  • livery of seisin — /liv(3)riy sv siyzan/ The appropriate ceremony, at common law, for transferring the corporal possession of lands or tenements by a grantor to his grantee. It was livery in deed where the parties went together upon the land, and there a twig, clod …   Black's law dictionary

  • livery of seisin — A ceremonial delivery of possession of real estate, long since obsolete, made in the presence of witnesses in the transfer of title to lands by feoffment. 23 Am J2d Deeds § 11 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • feoffment with livery of seisin — An early English method of conveyance by which the transferor met the transferee at or near the land to be transferred and handed over a twig or clod while reciting to witnesses that the transfer was being made …   Black's law dictionary

  • Seisin — is the possession of such an estate in land as was anciently thought worthy to be held by a free man. (Williams, On Seisin , p. 2)EtymologySeisin comes from Middle English saysen , seysen , in the legal sense of to put in possession of, or to… …   Wikipedia

  • seisin — sei·sin or sei·zin / sēz ən/ n [Anglo French seisine, from Old French saisine act of taking possession, from saisir to seize, of Germanic origin] 1: the possession of land or chattels: as a: the possession of land arising from livery of seisin… …   Law dictionary

  • Livery in law — may refer to:* Livery of seisin: A term used in English law * Sasine: a term used in Scots law …   Wikipedia

  • Livery in deed — may refer to:* Livery of seisin: A term used in English law. * Sasine: a term used in Scots law …   Wikipedia

  • seisin — /siyzan/ Possession of real property under claim of freehold estate. The completion of the feudal investiture, by which the tenant was admitted into the feud, and performed the rights of homage and fealty. Possession with an intent on the part of …   Black's law dictionary

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